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"My goal is simple, to ensure that justice is done in a fair and impartial manner."


Our community has been ravaged by the increased presence of gang activity that is disrupting our neighborhoods. Residents are often times afraid to go outside for fear of violence. Our children are forced to witness drug sales and are being recruited to become members of street gangs. As District Attorney, I will work to rid our community of these dangerous gangs and work alongside other community partners to provide alternatives to the gang life that often times attracts our young people to a life of crime. My office will make a commitment to directly the disproportionate gang violence and violent crime in minority and under-served communities. 

My office will also work to bring perpetrators of violent crimes to justice. Each case will be investigated thoroughly indicted properly. Those who are charged, will be charged appropriately. We will work to ensure that cases are handled in an expeditious manner and we will not present unjustified indictments. However, we will have an unwavering commitment to ensure justice is done. Our office will also be a staunch advocate for victims of domestic abuse.


 As the first African-American Municipal Court Judge in Greensboro, Georgia, I was committed to the increased use of pre-trial diversion programs to streamline the criminal justice process and provide citizens with a second chance. In 2019, the Council of Municipal Judges recognized our Degrees for Dismissal Program that allowed offenders to complete their high school diploma, GED, or college degree in order to have misdemeanor charges in traffic court to be dismissed. In 2020, we added a traffic pre-trial diversion program that allows less serious traffic violators to complete a defensive driving program to qualify for speed reductions and dismissals for individuals who did not have extensive driving infractions.  

As District Attorney, we will implement similar programs that will divert certain offenders from the traditional criminal justice processing into a program of supervision and services administered that focus more on community-oriented justice. The use of diversion programs will allow us to focus our resources on combating violent crimes and  bringing those who refuse to abide by the law  justice. We will focus on closing the revolving door of our criminal justice system.



As District Attorney, we will engage community and religious leaders in our efforts to bring about justice and fairness for all citizens. We will create a Community Task Force to bring diverse constituencies together to educate our citizens on the criminal justice system and strategize ways to address critical issues in our community.  As District Attorney, I will bring more than 25 years of working in civil rights and community based organizations that have focused critical issues such as criminal justice reform, police accountability, and implicit bias within the criminal justice system.


As District Attorney, I will focus on developing programs that have a comprehensive approach to preventing crime. The crimilization of our school systems have created an environment where our young students are being treated as criminals.  Our juvenile courts and social service programs are being stretched thin. We need to implement programs in our schools that promote accountability but also recognize the deficiencies that exist in the home life of some our students.  We must work to create a balance where we punish students for criminal behavior but we do not turn incidents of school discipline into vehicles to introduce our young people to the criminal justice system. My office will work to develop and partner with community-based organizations to create mentoring programs to pair young people with individuals who can help provide direction and support they my not be receiving at home. 


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