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My name is Reverend Dexter Wimbish, a lifelong resident of Georgia. I have spent the past 25 years as a private attorney practicing criminal and civil litigation while serving a community advocate. In 2004, I was named the youngest General Counsel in the history of the National Southern Christian Leadership Conference and in 2014 I was appointed the first African-American Municipal Court Judge in Greensboro, Georgia. I have lived and practiced law in Fayetteville and Griffin, where I now reside. Since my arrival to Spalding County, I have been very active in the community.


Equality Meets Justice

Dexter Wimbish is an attorney, community activist, fundraiser, former adjunct professor, father, and minister who has worked in the area of civil and human rights for two decades.  He is member in good standing with the Georgia Bar Association and an experienced professional with proven ability to provide operational and strategic planning that promotes diversity, equity & inclusion in complex nonprofit organizations while being a staunch advocate for justice in America’s legal system. 


He has 25 years of diversified managerial, legal, diversity, and governmental relations experience working with progressive organizations to change public policy, promote diversity and inclusion, and create new inroads for future generations. His experience includes working with national civil and human rights organizations to promote diversity and multiculturalism in various municipalities, foundations, corporations and Fortune 500 companies including Walmart, Compucredit, City of Atlanta, City of New Orleans, City of Pensacola, Barnes and Noble Books, Cracker Barrel, Kroger, Home Depot, Southern Partners Fund, Marguerite Casey Foundation, Ford Foundation, Veatch Foundation, Public Welfare Foundation, John Deere Tractors, and the Southern Company. 

He holds the distinction of being named the youngest General Counsel in the history of the National Southern Christian Leadership Conference (2004-2010).  His appointment followed his recognition as the organization’s 2003 Chauncey Eskeridge Legal Award (named in honor of the organization’s first General Counsel under founder Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) for his volunteer legal service.  During his tenure, he provided legal oversight for the organization’s construction of a $3million SCLC International Headquarters and the $1million sale of historical SCLC Papers to Emory University in 2008. 

He is also credited with reviving the Southern Christian Leadership Foundation while establishing nearly 100 chapters across the country. He designed and implement the SCLC Ambassadors for Peace Program that trained over 1200 young people to use principles of Kingian Nonviolence to address violence in their schools and community.

His other professional and community service work includes Deputy Director of the Center for Democratic Renewal founded by Dr. C.T. Vivian, a lieutenant of Dr. King, to monitor hate groups; General Counsel and Development Director of the environmental justice group the Newtown Florist; Regional Director of the public campaign reform organization Democracy South; Vice President of the health care reform organization U.S. Action, Vice President of the Southeast Regional Economic Justice Network, and Treasurer of the National Fannie Lou Hamer Project. He has helped raise more than $10 million in his career for various nonprofit and community-based organizations.

A member of the Advisory Committee of the Georgia Diversity Council., he has served as spokesperson for various nonprofit organizations while serving as a panelist of keynote speaker for nearly 100 conferences, conducted dozens of trainings on diversity, conflict resolution and preventing racism. In addition, He is an  expert on racism and civil rights having appeared on various television and print outlets including MSNBC, CBS, The Tavis Smiley Show, Public Eye, and NPR. Mr. Wimbish holds a Jurist Doctorate and Masters Public Administration from the prestigious mid-western institution, Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa where he completed a dual degree program as an Opperman Scholar. He is a former Presidential Scholar and 1994 Class Salutorian from Morris Brown College, one of the nation’s oldest historically black colleges and universities.

Mr. Wimbish has been recognized for his extensive work in the community and has been lauded with several awards including the Drake University, Alumni of the Year Community Service Award, 2019, Georgia State Bar, Chief Justice Robert Benham Award for Community Service, 2013, National Diversity Council, Multicultural and Diversity Award, 2013, Savannah Coastal SCLC, SCLC Man of the Year, 2009, National Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Ella Baker Award for Volunteer Service, 2004, Newtown Florist Club, and Humanitarian of the Year, 2005.


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